FRED & FELIA is a pet food brand founded by couple Beate and Tobi in 2018, inspired by their own dog whose health benefitted greatly from home cooked meals. Their brand centers around human grade dog food with veterinary experience. In 2022, their dog food line »FRED« was supplemented by a cat friend called »FELIA«, calling for a redesign and rebranding. 
Their pet-centric approach is translated into the design by making pet illustrations the brand’s hero. Playing with the claim of “FINEST love of animals” (very roughly translated) I created fancy looking animal characters for the different kinds of food, as well as other illustrations that were used on the packaging and on social media. Overall the look is colorful, bold and straight-forward – like the joy and love pets bring into our lives.
Client: Fred & Felia / Timeline: August 2022 – ongoing / Role: illustrator
Supplementing the normal range are limited editions, such as the travel-themed cooperation with German top chef Tim Raue and the 2022 Christmas edition, which add even more joy to the brand.
Brand Design: Franziska Böttcher
Illustration: Susann Hoffmann 
Photography: Johannes Tauras 
Photography Tim Raue: Image47 / Anna-Lena Ehlers 
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